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The Seehotel Wiesler as a multi-award-winning environmental hotel provides sustainable and environmentally friendly operation management. We act according to ecological principles, environmentally conscious, modern and future-oriented.

In today's world, it is becoming more and more important to focus on issues of nature conservation and environmental sustainability. The constant change and the indisputable changes in the climate and the environment are a sign that one can not escape the responsibility to protect our nature.

  • Certified environmental hotel

    The Seehotel Wiesler has been committed to the environment since the mid-eighties. So long before the term "sustainability" came into fashion. As a pioneer, the hotel was already certified in 2006 with the world's most extensive environmental management system, EMAS. Environmental friendliness and sustainability are taken very seriously at Seehotel Wiesler. This is why the holiday and wellness hotel at Titisee is one of the top addresses in the area of sustainability thanks to its numerous innovations in the hotel industry and is constantly evolving. The environmentally friendly measures not only ensure the preservation of nature, but also make a significant contribution to the guests' well-being at the Seehotel Wiesler.

  • "Naturpark"-hosts / -hotels

    The Seehotel Wiesler belongs to the "Naturpark"-hosts and -hotels.
    The nature conservationists commit themselves to the use of regional products from the surrounding farms, to support and preserve the farmers and the natural landscape.
    Klaus-Günther Wiesler is the co-founder and managing director of the "Naturpark" -hosts and -hotels.

  • Electricity and CO2
    • Electricity from 100% hydropower and photovoltaics, heat through woodchips and solar thermal energy
    • The CO2 footprint for an overnight stay at the Seehotel Wiesler has the efficiency class AAA
    • An overnight stay at the Seehotel Wiesler produces 200 gr. CO2, in a comparable hotel (without ecological management) it is up to 25 kilos per night.
    • One overnight stay at the Seehotel Wiesler is 99% CO2 free.
  • Water, heating & kitchen

    Consciously looking after oneself and nature - that is important to us ...!

    • Hot water and heating in Seehotel Wiesler are produced 100% with wood from the Black Forest
    • Revitalised "Grander" water in the whole house and the hotel rooms
    • Our kitchen dispenses with additives, taste enhancers and other aromas
    • Certified, transparent and verifiable environmental management system
    • Vegan and vegetarian cuisine
    • Starting from 2 nights you can drive the BMW i3 electric car free of charge.
Seehotel Wiesler Our restaurant

Let yourself be surprised - enjoy your meals in the romantic-cozy hotel restaurant and the breakfast on the sun terrace. The Schwarzwälder breakfast buffet with many delicious regional organic products ensures a healthy start into an exciting holiday.

Restaurant Artists of the light kitchen of Baden


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