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Overview of our wellness massages

From classic massages to ayurvedic treatments: Our experts solve your tensions with professional handles and ensure complete relaxation.

  • Relaxation and wellbeing
    Black Forest cherry massage
    Cherry kernel oil body massage with a sensual scent of wild cherries
    Combined with warm cherry-core sacks loosen tense muscles and
    Stabilize the elasticity of the skin.
    Can also be carried out as a couple treatment in a double booth.
    50 Min 65 EUR
    Gentle massage technique of the Shamans, tightens and relaxes, soothes stress.
    50 Min 65 EUR
    Massage candles ritual
    Relaxing foot bath with foot peeling, then romantic massage with slightly heated oils of massage candles.
    Can also be carried out as a couple treatment in a double booth.
    55 Min 70 EUR
    Magical Wellness Moments
    Energy balance massage with "star-time" massage oil. Harmonizes the energy channels in the body, relieves stress and relaxes.
    50 Min 66 EUR
    Whole body relaxation massages with aromatic oil
    Pleasant gentle massage with fragrant aromatic oil. Care and relaxation.
    50 Min 60 EUR
    Anti-Stress Massage
    Vitalizing massage relieves stress-induced back and neck tension. Individually selectable: back or bioenergetic head and neck massage (25 min) or combined back-head neck (40 min)
    25/40 Min 37/49 EUR
    Hot Stone Massage
    Relaxing hot stone massage, lets the energy in the body flow again. Pleasant warmth relaxes your muscles. Individually selectable: back or neck or face massage (25 min) or whole body massage (50 min)
    25/50 Min 37/65 EUR
  • Classic massages
    Classic massage
    Different massage handles have an effect on blood flow and increase metabolism, soften the muscles.
    Choose your individual treatment time: 25 or 50 min
    25/50 Min 34/60 EUR
    Back massage according to Breuss
    Solves deep spine tensions along the spine, especially recommended for tension in the lumbar spine and problems with intervertebral discs.
    25 Min 37 EUR
    Back active massage
    Targeted disengagement of tense back muscles with the "hot roll" as well as the "cupping" with soft massage cups. Recommended for severe tensions in the back and shoulder-neck area.
    40 Min 54 EUR
    Black Forest Pine Forest - Massage
    Stimulating, intensive whole body massage, stimulates the immune system and acts by the combination of spruce needle and pine oil detoxifying. A soothing alternative to classic whole body massage.
    50 Min 65 EUR
    Foot reflex harmonic massage 40 Min 49 EUR
    Lymphatic drainage
    Auf Anfrage
    50 Min 65 EUR
  • Ayurveda-Massages

    Ayurvedic oil massages, Abhyanga, let the energy flow into the body again, lead to deep relaxation, well-being and new life energy.

    Abhyange whole body massage (short)
    Pleasant massage for a deep relaxation.
    65 Min 80 EUR
    Abhyanga whole body massage (long)
    Especially detailed massage with Rosensalz foot bath, regulates the energy flow and acts very purifying.
    80 Min 90 EUR
    Abhyanga massage with Shirodhara
    Forehead oil flow treatment with 1.5 liters of warm ayurvedic oil. Particularly suitable for stress relief.
    80 Min 105 EUR
    Ayurvedic foot massage, Padabhyanga
    Head, face and foot massage with a relaxing foot bath. Beneficial massage and effective against headaches and sleep disorders.
    40 Min 55 EUR
    Sound bowl massage
    Effective relaxation method for relieving tension and blockages. Spiritual and physical well-being of a special kind.
    40 Min 55 EUR
    Garshan Massage
    Gentle Ayurvedic massage with silk gloves, purifies and reduces unwanted greasy stains.
    40 Min 55 EUR
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