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Beauty & Wellness

Pleasant body treatments, revitalizing facial care, relaxing massages, partly according to ancient traditions, feel-good atmosphere. Each of our versatile beauty packs is a true fountain of youth for your body and mind.

When carefully selecting our care products, we pay attention to natural substances which are particularly caring and well tolerated by the skin. Our team is pleased to be able to compile your own individual wellness program from our offer. Treat yourself with a very special highlight and book one of our beauty and wellness packages in addition to your holiday.

  • Facial treatments
    Face care basic
    Pleasant facial care with deep cleansing, peeling, nourishing mask
    And ampoule, adapted to your skin type.
    55 Min 69 EUR
    Intensive treatment
    This short facial treatment restores the skin freshness and moisture
    Facial cleansing, peeling, nourishing mask to your skin type, final care.
    25 Min 39 EUR
    Facial care "De Luxe"
    Nourishing facial treatment such as "basic" with relaxing bioenergetic head neck massage, soothing hand pack and hand massage as well as a particularly detailed facial massage.
    80 Min 90 EUR
    Face Care Anti-Age
    With a regenerating and regenerating mask, cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, specially structure-strengthening treatment - facial contours appear fresher and firmer, a pleasantly noticeable "lifting effect" for your skin.
    80 Min 125 EUR
    Face care "Classic"
    Classic facial treatment with deep cleansing, peeling, ampoule and mask, relaxing facial massage, brewing correction, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, on request bio makeup.
    80 Min 90 EUR
    San Vino Facial ritual
    Feel good from head to toe an unforgettable pleasure for all senses. The footwashing with simultaneous hand treatment and subsequent packing in warm hand and footwear filled with grape seedlings invites to complete relaxation. After the bioenergetic head-neck massage the facial treatment follows with cleansing, peeling, brewing correction, an extensive face massage with warm grape seed oil and the unique grape seed model. The exclusive cosmetics series from San Vino makes your skin soft and beautiful and works naturally against the skin aging process.
    90 Min 100 EUR
    Facial Care "Regeneration"
    Your skin is very dry, sensitive, irritated, unclean or stressed at the moment? This facial treatment is individually tailored to your skin and gives your skin what you need. After cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, brewing correction, ampoule and facial massage, the skin is regenerated by a special model layer from Thalgo. Depending on the need, different models with intensive active ingredients are used here. Your skin is optimally supplied and the skin protection function is supported.
    80 Min 95 EUR
    Vegan facial care relax with neck massage
    This relaxing facial care includes a vegan facepanel basic combined with a head-neck massage and a detailed facial massage with warm cherry-core stamps. The cherry cores and stalks of the biologically cultivated sour cherry contain special active ingredients such as amino acids, allantoin, vitamins and anti-aging active ingredients. They give the skin a lot of moisture, smoothing and are particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
    80 Min 90 EUR
  • Beauty-Offers
    Eye mask pads with lifting effect
    Mask pads for the eyes and gentle eye massage. The instant smoothing and freshness effect for a beautiful moment.
    (During a facial treatment EUR 8.-)
    20 Min 27 EUR
    Dye eyelashes
    Please come with lenticular eyelashes for treatment.
    15 Min 16 EUR
    Dye eyebrows
    Please come with browsed brows for treatment.
    10 Min 10 EUR
    Spa manicure with varnish
    Files, nail skin correction, finger bath, hand peeling, varnish or massage.
    50 Min 60 EUR
    Manicure "Basic"
    Finger bath, files, nail skin correction, polishing, hand care.
    40 Min 45 EUR
    Pedicure "Basic"
    Foot bath, nail correction, nail skin and cornea removal, nail polish, without lacquer (not with nail or foot fungus).
    40 Min 45 EUR
    Spa pedicure with varnish
    Pedicure with foot peeling, foot bath, nail skin and cornea remove, polish, varnish or massage (not at nail or foot fungus).
    50 Min 60 EUR
  • Vegan natural cosmetics

    Especially natural treatment with vegan cosmetic products for every skin.

    This aromatic composition of fruity berries, wild cherries and organic apples is a real treat for your skin and soul. Experience the regenerating and soothing power of biological plants and enjoy their fruity fragrance.

    Protect and regenerate valuable plant oils, vitamins and natural antioxidants. Your skin will be wonderfully smooth and refreshed. The vegan cosmetics series by Eva Wiesler contains no synthetic coloring and perfumes, parabene, mineral oils or other genetically modified products. It is particularly good for the skin and gives you a pleasantly soft skin feel.

    Vegan facial treatment „Basic“
    Beneficial facial care with naturally vegan products. Cleaning, peeling, ampoule and mask suitable for all skin types.
    55 Min 69 EUR
    Vegan facial treatment "Relax" with neck massage
    This relaxing spa treatment includes a facial massage combined with a gentle neck massage and a relaxing facial relax massage with warm cherry stone pots.The cherry cores and stalks of the biological sour cherry contain special active ingredients with amino acids, allantoin, vitamins and anti-aging ingredients. They give the skin a lot of moisture, smoothing and is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
    85 Min 90 EUR
  • Body peeling and packs

    Treatments for dry and moist skin:
    Dry skin requires special care. Our treatments help the skin regain balance and fill the natural moisture depots.

    Cleopatrapeeling with pack
    Honey, royal jelly and night candle oil are timeless proven natural beauty products. Smoothing, moisturizing and rebuilding the skin. Very well skin-compatible.
    40 Min 50 EUR
    Velvet and silk
    Gentle silk glove peeling and silky body pack for a soft velvety skin feel. Particularly suitable for dry, sensitive skin.
    40 Min 50 EUR
    Cherry core body peeling with pack
    The gentle body peeling and the subsequent body pack with cherry stone and jojoba oil as well as organic sour cherry extract has a pleasant invigorating effect, makes the skin soft and helps to relieve skin stress.
    40 Min 50 EUR
    Anti-aging body peeling and pack
    Brings the energy of the skin back. Natural antioxidants invigorate, stimulate the metabolism and provide firm and supple skin as well as a natural anti-aging effect.
    40 Min 59 EUR
  • Relaxation packs in the soft pack recliner

    Almost weightless, you are surrounded by warm water - wrapped in precious cream packs. At a pleasant 38 ° C, the skin pores open and the active ingredients are absorbed optimally. Highly recommended for the skin care and for back complaints (no bath).

    Herbal aroma oil pack
    Mild, precious herbal purification pack.
    25 Min 32 EUR
    Night candle oil pack
    Balancing and refatting.
    25 Min 32 EUR
    Goat butter pack
    For sensitive and dry skin.
    25 Min 32 EUR
    Rose blossom cream pack
    Delicate fragrant and caring.
    25 Min 32 EUR
    Natural milk cream pack
    Stabilizes irritated skin.
    25 Min 32 EUR
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