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Awards & Reviews

We are very pleased with the awards that have been awarded to us over the past years and about your reviews!

Sofa Heimat/ Anreise / Unesr Haus/ Seehotel Wiesler
  • State environmental award

    The Seehotel-Wiesler in Titisee receives the state environmental award
    (Badische Zeitung, 10/25/2006)

    "An impressive concept" praises environmental minister Tanja Gönner and gives the Seehotel Wiesler in Titisee the national environmental award.

  • Environmental friendly Hotels in Baden-Wurttemberg

    Joint action of the Ministry of the Environment, the Tourism Association and the hotel and restaurant association DEHOGA. Since 1995, we have been awarded the "We run an environment-oriented company" award.

  • EkS strategy prize

    2004 Winner of the Strategy Prize of the EkS Forum

  • Service quality Baden-Württemberg

    Since 2002, the Seehotel Wiesler has been awarded a "service-oriented company" according to the service quality initiative of Baden-Württemberg.

  • Winner Emas Award 2015

    In May 2015, the Seehotel Wiesler was the winner of the EMAS Award in the category "Small Organization".
    The presentation of this attractive environmental award took place in Barcelona. The long-standing environmental measures of the Seehotel Wiesler were honored.

  • Partners, cooperations

    Since 1999 consultant in all questions concerning environmental management and EMAS energy and environmental consultant:

    Dr. Sven Eckardt
    Energy and environmental consulting
    Lange Strasse 70
    71116 Gärtringen-Germany
    Tel. +49 (0)173 / 81 622 81

    "Naturpark Südschwarzwald"-hosts
    Founder and member of the Board of Management Klaus-Günther Wiesler

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